Antibacterial coatings

Hospitals have to deal with multi-resistant germs that are dispersed and spread by HVAC systems.

99.9994% of all bacteria and germs are eliminated permanently by cariclean® air filters – in only 18 hours. That goes for multi-resistant germs as well. This excellent result was ascertained by investigations carried out by certified test laboratories. Certified safe. The accredited IBFE Institute also confirmed the results from measuring Staphylococcus aureus.

Persons who suffers from allergies are affected by pollutants, bacteria, germs and suspended particles that are released into the ambient environment by standard air filters.

A standard dust bag retains coarse particles, but microscopically small harmful particles and pathogens are still released into the ambient air. Bacteria have been proved to survive for years.

Airlines face major challenges caused by bacteria harbored in air-conditioning systems.

Air-conditioning systems pose a risk to health even when they are serviced regularly. Microorganisms and mold can settle in the installation and are distributed through the system when it is running.

cariclean® solves these problems and eliminates 99.9994% of all bacteria and germs from ambient and inhaled air.


cariclean® air filters are coated with catalytically active substances which create free radicals on contact with moisture in the air; this has an antibacterial effect and breaks down harmful substances.

Water-resistance, low wear and long service life characterize cariclean® air filters; they are suitable for use in wet and damp rooms. They are also washable; this prevents germs from being released and safely prevents incrustations with harmful microbial substances.