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Precision and perfection in Bitche, France
car-ita, France

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Since 2015, car-ita France has been producing products at this French location for the automotive industry and the non-automotive sector - especially buildtech and health care . Every year, we successfully solve new challenges to meet your customer requirements. As a result, we continuously expand this location from the very beginning with new technologies and applications.

Currently, we can offer you the following services at this location:

  • precise cutting based on laser and various knife/cutter technologies
  • Sewing with semi- and fully automatic machines - especially based on CNC technology
  • US welding
  • Cross cutting
  • Optical monitoring and guidance for precision cutting

car-ita France SARL
Zone Industrielle
Chemin de Dambach
F-57230 Bitche
Tele. +33 (0)3 87 06 62 00


Optical control systems - a car-ita in-house development - ensure consistent quality in terms of dimensions, contours, material thickness, colour and gloss specifications of the surfaces. Only perfect goods are stored in special high shelves and leave the factory on demand, just-in-time. Photographic archiving and 100% traceability make the process transparent and comprehensible.


In this way, cutting, laser cutting, welding, sewing, inspection, storage, packaging and delivery are all carried out on time and to the customer's specifications - a unique combination of high standards, quality and flexibility.



Capacity per day > 120,000 cuts