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A new way of knitting - in Bitche, France
car-itex, France

More opportunities: the high-tech location in France - for Europe

"Stay flexible and act dynamically" - that is the motto at the French car-itex plant. In 2019, another knitting machine was installed in the existing machinery. Due to its size and layout, this enables a higher vertical range of manufacture in the field of knitted fabric production for textile fabrics.

Our latest achievement is textiles using electrically conductive yarns. This opens up completely new areas of application, e.g. the heating of greenhouses and buildings, of vehicle seats and panelling, etc.

We also offer our know-how and our machinery as a service, just ask us if you need it, we look forward to hearing from you!



Warping and knitting at the highest level!

The warping unit brings together exactly 1,160 individual threads on a yarn drum.

Optical sensors monitor the exact number of threads in real time and stop the system in milliseconds if the slightest deviation occurs. It is fascinating to see the precision with which hundreds of the finest individual threads are pulled through the entire factory hall onto the yarn reels at a speed of 900 meters per minute.

The yarn prepared in this way can be processed immediately in the second production hall. The fully digitised knitting machines enable the most complex knitting structures, in terms of design, robustness and strength.

Customer wishes and innovations in terms of appearance and feel are implemented in the best possible way: open-knitted and at the same time robust material for a car headliner? No problem! Solid and at the same time visually appealing fabrics with decorative threads for a vehicle door trim? Of couse with pleasure!