A new way of knitting.
car-itex, France

More opportunities: the high-tech location in France

After the construction and test phase, car-itex has successfully launched its production in 2018. However, we did not content ourselves with initial investments: already in 2019, we have significantly expanded our fleet of machines.

„Flexibilität erhöhen“ – das ist die Devise im Aufbau der Produktionsanlagen im französischen Werk von car-itex. Eine dritte Wirkanlage mit vier Legebarren wurde 2019 installiert, um noch schneller und produktiver zu werden. Und um die Bandbreite der produzierbaren Stoffe entscheidend zu erweitern.   

In addition to our own brands and developments, we offer our expertise and services, if you are interested please contact us.

Weaving and warping at the highest level!

The warping machine gathers exactly 1,160 individual threads on a spool of thread.

Optical sensors monitor the precise number of threads in real time and immobilise the installation in a few milliseconds when they detect the slightest difference. The precision with which hundreds of ultrafine individual threads are pulled through the complete workshop at a speed of 900 meters per second, then wound on the spools is fascinating.

The threads thus implemented are immediately used in the second production workshop. Fully digital warp knitting machines enable ultra-complex mesh structures in terms of design, robustness and strength.


Customers‘ wishes and innovations in appearance and touch are implemented to the best of our abilities: An open but very robust mesh material for the roof of a passenger car? Easy! Robust but attractive fabrics with decorative threads for the car door trim? With pleasure!